Personal, Estate & Trust Services

Life is like accounting. Everything must balance.

Creating a financial plan is essential for future planning. Tracking income and expenses show where you can improve, save, and invest.

A Small Leak Can Sink a Big Ship

A budget is telling your money where to go rather than asking where it went.

Personal accounting or budgeting promotes organization in our lives. Everything must balance, income and spending. With our team, your finances are more than numbers. We provide motivation and confidence in where you save, spend, and invest.  Even in difficult situations, such as preparing your will and estate, you can have peace of mind. 

Tax Return Preparation

We consider tax return preparation as more than simply reporting your financials.  Rogoff & Company goes beyond merely timely and accurate tax return filings, we examine your goals and future plans, guiding you through all the options to achieve your best possible outcome.

If you have questions regarding past or future tax returns, please contact our Tax Department.

Tax Planning

Professional planning advice is a necessity; most people lack the expertise, resources, or time to plan their financial future.

Today, most insurance and investment salespeople refer to themselves as "financial planners"; however, proper planning in the constantly changing tax environment requires more than the selection of insurance and investment products.

Effective planning establishing realistic long-term objectives, developing strategies and methods to achieve the objectives and continued monitoring and, if necessary, revision of those strategies to allow for changes in tax laws and economic conditions.

Our firm's tax professionals augment their many years of experience with continuing education programs to be fully versed and ready to assist in your planning needs.

Estate Planning

A difficult, but necessary, part of life is to plan for death. Where does estate planning begin? It begins with the decision and commitment to treat your estate's well-being with the same attention and serious attitude you apply to your physical health.

The Rogoff & Company, P.C. Estates and Trusts Department assists in Estate Planning, including preparation of wills and trusts.

Creating a Will

Estate planning begins with making decisions about the following questions:

  • Who will inherit your assets?

  • When should the heirs receive the assets?

  • What limitations will be placed on the recipients?

A will also stipulates who is to be your minor children's guardian(s) for their property and/or person. Although creating a will makes your decisions legally binding, the will can be amended any time you change your mind.

Coping With Prolonged Incapacity

Today, with rapid advances in medical technology and health systems, people are living longer. Good news indeed, but there is also a negative side to it, as in the case of living with a prolonged illness or other incapacitating condition. To protect an estate from such contingencies, one should consider the use of medical powers-of-attorney, living wills, and Medicaid trusts.

Creating A Trust

A will directs the disposition of your estate. Trusts are used to achieve longer-term goals. For example, trusts can be created to provide for a child's education, the long-term care of an elderly parent or delay the payment of funds to young children until they reach a responsible age.

The Rogoff & Company, P.C. Estates and Trusts Department assists in Estate Planning, including preparation of wills and trusts.

Estate & Trust Administration

The Rogoff & Company, P.C. Estates and Trusts Department expertly handles all matters and details of estate and trust administration.

  • Preparation of estate and trust tax returns

  • Financial statements, and accountings for Surrogate hearings

  • Serving as executors and trustees.

With over 70 years of experience Rogoff & Company, P.C. Estates and Trusts Department professionals are committed to quality and personalized service.

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