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We distill millions of variations into simple but accurate reports to promote beneficial outcomes by quantifying your business: operations, sales, expenses & processes.


Is your business model profitable?

Are there cost reductions that could make your business more profitable?

Can you afford to hire more people to expand your business?


By looking at your business as a whole, what it is now and what it can accomplish, we analyze the total financial health. We see all the moving parts and their purpose to optimize the profitability of your business. This gives you room to grow and expand. Behind every successful business, there is great accounting. Our team provides insight into the language of business.



A Partner or Principal directly supervises and is responsible for every audit, including:

  • Audit planning

  • Evaluation of internal accounting control structure

  • Preparation and initial review of financial statement

We take matters of quality very seriously. Reporting directly to the Managing Partner, our Quality Control Department reviews every client report and underlying work, before being released to the client.

Our firm complies with the stringent quality control standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, successfully completing independent peer reviews of our accounting and auditing practice.

Compilation & Review

Many clients whose businesses are in the early or developmental stages do not require audited financial statements. Their needs, for both internal management purposes and credit relationships, may be satisfied with compiled or reviewed financial statements.

In accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, compilation and review services consist of the presentation of unaudited financial statements.  A review also includes other procedures, such as inquiry of client personnel and analysis.

Rogoff & Company, P.C. has extensive experience in providing compilation and review services to emerging companies and others in a variety of fields. Our staff is thoroughly familiar with all the required procedures and has a proven record of compliance with AICPA standards.

Maintenance of Books & Records

Rogoff & Company, P.C. performs accounting services for emerging business clients that do not have the necessary in-house personnel or expertise. Examples of these services include:

  • Preparation of books and records

  • Preparation and analysis of financial statements

  • Consultation on accounting policies, internal controls, budgeting and cash management systems, etc.

As many of our clients have grown and developed the capability to perform functions previously provided as part of our services, we continue to. We look with pride upon our history of long-term client relationships, which reflect the high level of confidence in the quality of our services.

We view the accountant's role as being far more than merely a "number-cruncher". Our approach is to develop an in-depth knowledge of a client's business so that we may strengthen its operations and support sustained growth. This also enables us to anticipate issues instead of reacting to negative results.

You deserve timely, personalized service, and that is the strength upon which Rogoff & Company, P.C. has been built. Our experienced staff operates as a team to provide bona fide professional service--in the most cost-effective manner possible--with individual attention tailored to fit your business and personal financial needs. The bottom line is your success and satisfaction.

Recording financial transactions to assist in your financial management.

Tax Planning

Our firm's Tax Department offers full services to corporations, partnerships, individuals, estates, trusts and tax-exempt organizations. The services include both compliance and planning.

Tax Planning

Planning for a business begins well before the business is actually started. Numerous decisions must be made, such as: Should the business be incorporated or organized as a partnership or sole proprietorship? What accounting methods for financial reporting and tax purposes should be elected? How should compensation levels and methods be structured? What credit facilities will the business need? What is the most advantageous accounting period?

Once the business has started operations, timely tax planning should be a high priority of management.


Tax Department professionals are responsible for the preparation and/or review of all tax returns and the representation of clients at tax examinations. They also communicate with clients and meet with all Partners and professional staff to keep them abreast of new tax laws and regulations.

Tax Preparation

Our Tax Department is well versed in the complexities of business and non-taxable organizations reporting requirements, filing in excess of 3,000 returns each year, and we're ready to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters of local, state, and federal taxes.


Regardless of your business’s tax structure or reporting requirements, Rogoff & Company’s Tax Department will help you minimize your tax exposure while keeping you in full reporting compliance.  

Non-Taxable Entities

Maintaining compliance is critical in order for non-taxable entities.  In our 70+ years, Rogoff & Company’s Tax Department has performed accurate and timely reporting, including Form 990 and supporting documentation for hundreds of organizations each year. 

Owners and Employees

In addition to tax return preparation, our Tax Department also handles the personal taxes for owners, executives and employees for many of our clients.  By utilizing the same set of resources, and having a more complete picture of your organization, you reap greater benefits.

Ask Rogoff & Company how we can help improve your tax preparation experience by contacting us today.

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